Minimum Spending, Maximum Performance Gains


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Getting the most out of your car’s engine can be a difficult task unless you spend some money – or so most people think. You can maximize your engine’s performance by spending very little money at all.

Air Filter

Most people actually neglect their air filters and never get them replaced. What most people forget is that your engine is an internal combustion engine; it needs air to work. The more air you have going through the engine, the better it will work. Get your air filter periodically replaced to improve performance. If you still want more air going through your car, you could always buy a larger air filter.

Lose the Extra Weight

The easiest and cheapest way to make your car go faster is by reducing the weight. Small weight reductions can make a huge difference to your car. Removing the spare tire, cleaning out the back, taking off the back seats can all make a huge difference to your acceleration.
You could also replace certain parts with carbon fiber variants. Carbon fiber is much lighter than normal metal and can be easily placed on the hood and bonnet. Although it will cost you a little extra, the performance gains are easily measurable.

Air Intake System

Even with a bigger air filter, your car will only be able to pull in so much air. For better performance, you need to install a new air intake system. A proper air intake system will allow your car to get even more air through your system. Installing as simple cold air intake system can drastically boost your car’s acceleration.


With great power, comes the need for traction. Imagine that your car’s engine is pumping out more power than ever before. Now imagine it floating in the air. All that power goes to waste. The same principle is applied to worn out tires. When your tires are old, or do not make much contact with the surface, you need better, stickier tires.

These tires will ensure that your car makes as much contact as it can with the ground, improving traction and performance. Furthermore, always ensure that your tires are at optimum pressure. Less pressure means less contact with the ground, resulting in wasted horsepower.
Increasing your car’s acceleration has never been easier. A few adjustments and a few bucks are all that is required to significantly improve your car’s acceleration.


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