The Smart Car


February 18, 2013 by

Now, after the smart phones have taken over our lives, it is the turn of the smart cars. In the past when you went for a drive, it was to let your hair down and relax, maybe listen to some good music in the company of someone special.

Now, with many car manufacturers opening up their doors for apps developers, to sync their systems on board their cars to their smart phones, it is very likely that soon our cars will become an extension of our offices. Many car makers are now obsessed with the idea of smart cars that  come pre-loaded with systems like GPS which help in satellite navigation,  reverse parking, touch screens that can be synced with our smart phones, and tires that tell you when they need to be replaced.

Maybe some car and technology enthusiast will come up with an app that can control the entire car from the smart phone. So the day is not far off, when you can control or enhance your car’s engine performance, fuel injection, power distribution and other technical aspects of your car’s inner workings through your smart phone – just like James Bond!

So, there are more distractions afoot than ever when one is behind the wheel. Just like any other area in our modern lives, our daily commute too is taken over by technology and the original purpose of the act is lost, well almost. The car too, which made a humble beginning with four wheels and a canopy is now a techie’s delight. Who knows, in the end we end up playing online casino games (e.g. craps, see while sitting in the car and the car will do everything itself?


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