Jaguar Takes Design Cues from China


May 13, 2013 by

With the Chinese auto market booming as people strive to display and enjoy their newfound wealth, many luxury car manufacturers are making an effort to appeal to Chinese consumers. Jaguar is no exception. This is not a gamble on their behalf, it has been a carefully planned and thought out strategy that is working well.

In 2008, Jaguar unveiled a new body style, which relaxed the formerly upright dimensions of the Jaguar considerably, to create a sleeker profile that looks like it’s flying along even when it’s standing still. Many auto industry analysts believed that this radical departure from the old body style would meet with skepticism from long-time fans of the Jaguar brand. But no one expect consumers in China to blink, because Jaguar simply doesn’t have the same brand history in China as it does in Europe or America.

2014-Jaguar-F-Type-front-following-Paris-debutSo it came as a surprise to find that Chinese consumers didn’t love the new body style either. In their case, it seemed they just didn’t like it on its own merits, not because it was upsettingly new or different from the old Jaguar style. Research has shown that Chinese car buyers prefer more upright car dimensions, with roomy back seats and plenty of luxury trim.

Jaguar and other luxury car makers have been getting away with skimping a bit on the wood and chrome in their cars in other markets, but it’s clear this tactic won’t fly in China.

In an effort to capture more market share in China, Jaguar is actually planning to release two body styles for the next generation XJ sedan. One will follow the sleek, almost rakish lines of the current XJ, while the other will be more traditional, and hopefully more pleasing to Chinese buyers.


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