3 Super Hot Rides of 2013


June 14, 2013 by

Everyone wants to drive a nice car. In reality it’s mostly only celebrities, millionaires and high rollers really driving their dream car through Las Vegas during the day and throwing out their millions throughout the night! But we’ll just keep dreaming and take a look at a few of the 2013 releases that truly are gems. At the close of every year, car manufacturers practically trip over each other in their eagerness to flaunt their newest releases. Like proud grandparents, they extol the impressive new features, the outstanding performance, and the unheard of quality that make their vehicles better than all the others. But of course, they can’t all be the best.


1.     Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Cost: Around $23,000

Selling Points: The new Veloster has proof of its improved performance with its 201 hp engine – a 45 percent increase in horsepower over older versions. It also boasts a 1.6 liter motor and dual exhaust. The Veloster is looking to match Hyundai quality with equally powerful performance.

Check it out: www.hyundaiusa.com


2.     Ram 1500

Cost: Starting at $22,000

Selling Points: Chrysler made some serious improvements to the aerodynamics of the new Ram 1500. A key difference is the active shutters on the grill which have been reported to reduce drag by up to 5 percent. Other notable perks include gas saving start/stop technology and an eight speed automatic transmission.

Check it out: www.ramtrucks.com


3.     SRT Viper

Cost: Around $100,000

Selling Points: One look at the super sleek SRT Viper and you’ll understand why it has the automotive world abuzz. Its exaggerated curves and headlights and grill which invoke images of a snake make this Viper a god among sports car mortals. It will set you back a pretty penny, but its otherworldly performance could be worth it.

Check it out: www.drivesrt.com


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